"All things considered, what we look for in other people is perhaps the same gentle deterritorialization we look for in travel. The temptation of exile in the desire of another and of journey across that desire come to be substituted for one’s own desire and for discovery. Often looks and amorous gestures already have the distance of exile, language expatriates itself into words which are afraid to mean, the body is like a hologram, gentle on the eye and soft to the touch, and can thus easily be striated in all directions by desire like an aerial space. We move circumspectly within our emotions, passing from one to another, on a mental planet made up of convolutions. And we bring back the same transparent memories from our excesses and passions as we do from our travels."

— Jean Baudrillard, Cool Memories 

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“He’s a tree spirit, he brings good luck. It’s a sign this forest is healthy.”

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still alive, possibly half-bird

still alive, possibly half-bird

god = “personal head ghost”

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Mushroom Pieces by Eveline Tarunadjaja, one of my absolute favorites

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earl grey I love you already

earl grey I love you already

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Pashtun women wearing traditional clothes/jewelry, Afghanistan, 1964-1977. 

Photographs by Roland and Sabrina Michaud

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want to see Mexico win the World Cup just for the ensuing gifs of this man
also: tacos

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Peace, After Long Madness


After a long madness peace is an assassin
in the heart. Where there had been the clenched
fist, the strung out sinew, the hamstrung grin,
the erect eye and hand on every shadow like a spy,
now the river springs from the crystal of its sleep
in a sapphire lunge to the sea. A year of madness
is a libation poured out of nettles and boiled
herbs, of knives oiled with honey that cut silently
to the spine. I was madness’s kin, no, more its
parent blood, its coursing lymph, its skeleton.
I kept company with lunacy, broke bread with him,
lay beside him, my head in his arms, felt him draw
down the sheet to watch me as I shook and so it was
one year till now.
Now the rocks become a sweetness
in the listless meadow, the lutist brays to
the ashes, flowers in the red crystal bowl push
against the windowpane and I sleep again,
my hands beneath my cheek, legs straight out,
eyes shut against the inward stratagem of dream
and the bedsheets and counterpane lie upon me
no more leaded capes of knobbed steel, but companions
of my skin, like the surface of my river is kindred
balm to the volcanoes and riven headlands that lie beneath it like pain.

— ned o’gorman

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Rokk í Reykjavík