I will never get over this

I will never get over this

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ok hehe not mad anymore

ok hehe not mad anymore

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context (is everything)vertical submarine is like that asshole friend who’s so ~genius~ but their general assholery makes you want to punch them all the fucking time 

context (is everything)
vertical submarine is like that asshole friend who’s so ~genius~ but their general assholery makes you want to punch them all the fucking time 

Dew on Spiderweb - poem by Clayton Valli, as told by Ella Mae Lentz

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"Resist the urge to call them rabid dogs or anything like that, they’re humans. Don’t avert your eyes from how evil people can be. That’s probably not even the worst extreme of human behavior that could happen. Not saying they’re moderates, but there’s nothing so bad it can’t be made a lot worse with a little bit of effort.

I do agree that they need to be put down, so in that particular sense, it might be right to compare them to rabid dogs, but that comes at the cost of dehumanizing them, which is a mistake, because they’re very much human, and it’s important that people realize that.”

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We’ve been blown away by the amazing Shintaro Kago illustrations for Flying Lotus’ next album on Warp Records. You’re Dead features collaborations from a few heavyweights, including Herbie Hancock, Kendrick Lamar, Thundercat and Snoop Dogg. Street date seems to be October 3rd and the album can be pre-ordered right here.

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"All things considered, what we look for in other people is perhaps the same gentle deterritorialization we look for in travel. The temptation of exile in the desire of another and of journey across that desire come to be substituted for one’s own desire and for discovery. Often looks and amorous gestures already have the distance of exile, language expatriates itself into words which are afraid to mean, the body is like a hologram, gentle on the eye and soft to the touch, and can thus easily be striated in all directions by desire like an aerial space. We move circumspectly within our emotions, passing from one to another, on a mental planet made up of convolutions. And we bring back the same transparent memories from our excesses and passions as we do from our travels."

— Jean Baudrillard, Cool Memories 

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“He’s a tree spirit, he brings good luck. It’s a sign this forest is healthy.”

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still alive, possibly half-bird

still alive, possibly half-bird