Here’s an Otocolobus manulnature’s Grumpy Cat — discovering a camera trap outside it’s den. Camera traps are used by biologists to lean about rare animals’ behavior, abundance, and health — just by setting up a solar-powered camera with a motion trigger. No physical trapping necessary.

O. manul (also known as Pallas’s cat) is about the size of a house cat, but you’ll notice has round pupils instead of slits. It lives in western China and the steppes of Central Asia.

You’d think that Pallas’s cat would rule the internet by now - but there aren’t too many photos of them because they are both rare and shy. The IUCN lists them as near-threatened. Just another reason to support species conservation!

You can see the whole video — posted Scarce Worldwidehere.

rare and shy

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cinta dari sebuah kamar

oleh latiff mohidin

bentukmu seharusnya
segi tiga supaya kudapat
melihatmu dengan teliti
dan saksana

kalau suatu pagi
aku jatuh tersungkur
aku tau
cintamu telah bermula
di hujung tumitku

aku berterima kasih padamu
air yang kuletakkan
di dadamu
tak jadi tumpah

pijat-pijatmu adalah
kegirangan rama-rama
bersayap kapas
setiap malam berkeliaran
mencari mimpiku

tulang belakangku pagi ini?

langitmu terlalu biru
awanmu terlalu ungu
sebentar kubuka kututup
               kubuka kututup
               kubuka kubuka kubuka

tuk tuk tuk
bunyi cicak
- ia sedang melamarmu
dengan ekornya

Looking Through A Telescope at the Moon on the Day Neil Armstrong Died by Raena Shirali


we locate apollo’s landing site on a map that shows
there are two sides to everything
& one is always dark, maria,

unfathomable ocean. the dome above is cracked
& only a sliver of seven-o-clock sky peeks
down. how dizzying: these fickle attempts

to track my lover’s swells, swift black shifts
like a night sky peeling. we are determined
to find armstrong’s footing—

all expectation & no satisfaction; all wax,
no wane. & yes, we drift in cycles
i don’t keep track of anymore.

on the wooden viewing platform,
the cincinnati observatory employee tells me
the moon in this lens is reversed,

so i see east where i should see waning curve.
even if things were right-side-up,
our wrongs don’t follow laws,

or adhere to astronomy. in the end,
nothing negates, & what is bright is too much here.
i cannot find the grounding crater.

the selenic overwhelms
& i clutch the eyepiece, a teetering drunk
unsteady even with my heels off, my lover

smiling up at me from the ground.
did you find apollo? he asks
& i think, o, what a tease you are,

moon: a contradiction, a lie of light
& dark. your surface reeking of gunpowder,
your tendency to decompose liquid.

your music has moved me across oceans of hurt and for that I cannot thank you enough

your music has moved me across oceans of hurt and for that I cannot thank you enough

jag älskar Dungen ja ja ja

stay strong Hong Kong

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"Burma is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, with decaying infrastructure and an economy that is just now starting to pick up after decades of stagnation. Yet, it boasts one of the highest literacy rates in the region.

The reverence for reading is evident when you visit. In Yangon, bookstores or book- lending shops are prominent on seemingly every street. Street vendors bide their time between customers reading news magazines. Book clubs are popular. Libraries such as the American Center and British Council Library have robust book club programs; a young professional and former medical student I spoke with during my last trip there said he and his friends have been involved in book clubs since their university days.”

- Wendy Rockett, The Asia Foundation

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By: Yeji Yun

By: Yeji Yun

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Robert Doisneau, Lancer de tracts rue Henri Monnier Paris, 1944


Robert Doisneau, Lancer de tracts rue Henri Monnier Paris, 1944

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